Top 4 summer wine tourism choices for 2021

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The best time of the year is coming, guess what it is? Yes, right, the summer! And at this period everyone just wanna enjoy time outdoors and relaxing. To inspire you, we have selected the best summer wine tourism possibilities. Have a sip on the activities and locations and enjoy the summer breeze. Here we go!

Quinta do Seixo

Either this Summer, when travel resumes to its pace or planning ahead the best vacations for 2021, Portugal has something for everyone. There are plenty of outdoor activities, historical places, flavors to taste and crafts to try with your own hands. Portugal has received awards related to its wine and wine tourism accommodation consistently in the past years. This makes the country a renowned wine destination for people looking for authentic and private experiences, and keeps still quiet under the radar when it comes to mass tourism. 

1. Picnic in the vineyards 

The beautiful and untouched landscape of the Alentejo is perhaps one of the best places to experience wine tourism. It is in Alentejo's golden plains that you can visit Adega Mayor. Set on a 350 hectares area of holm oaks, riparian corridors and agricultural land, the Winery enjoys all the advantages of the Mediterranean ecosystem and is an agricultural area with a strong tradition on vineyards and olive groves cultures. Here an architectural awarded building will welcome you in all its glory. Be amazed by the winery, the cellars, the vineyards along the landscape. Experience more, and learn more about the secrets of wine production. At the end of the visit engage in a regional picnic with bread, olives, cheeses, sausages, jam, tortillas, pie, fruit and cake while tasting four Adega Mayor wines, some of the most awarded Portuguese wines.

Another great choice for a wonderful picnic is at Casas do Côro.  It is an idyllic location for a gourmet picnic in the nature with total privacy at the Vineyard Lounge. You will find a comfortable table between the vines, with a lot of candles creating a totally chill out ambiance. As a backdrop you have a fantastic view of the village and of the magnificent sunset. We are experts in Tailor-made tours, let us know your schedule, we will plan it accordingly.

Casas do Côro piscina

2. A breathtaking cruise along Douro River

On board of this cruise you can discover the best scenery of the Douro River and its most picturesque corners while enjoying different programs and services, such as show cooking or lunch and dinner on board. From a two-hour tour with wine tasting to a five-day exclusive cruise, this tour takes you through the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, docking in the most famous wine hotels, farms, and wineries along the river. It is definitely a marvellous wine tourism type for joy and relaxation. Book now your cruise in Douro.

If you are ready to take this cruise and be enchanted with all that it can gives you, join the 7-day wine tour.

7-Day Private Tour in Douro and Porto

Pipadouro Cruise

3. Port Wine Cocktails, the best choice for the summer


Sitting at the Taylor's terrace sipping from your Port Wine glass, looking at the river from the top of the hill, any sailor's endeavour story is believable. Taylor's Cellars are just perfect for a Port Wine tasting or a Cocktail, any time of the year. The garden has blossoming flowers in the Springtime and fruit trees scent the whole place all year long. As a plus peacocks stroll free showing off their feathers to the guests.

Summer in inevitably the perfect time to relax and feel the Douro River breeze that flows gently all the way to the top of the hill where Taylor is located.


Are you ready to know more about the Port Wine tours in Porto?

3-Day Luxury Tour in Porto


4. Douro Wine Cruises

Across the river from Pinhão, is Quinta do Seixo, where the well-known Sandeman winery combines state-of the-art cellar technology with great wine experiences. The view is absolutely breath-taking throughout the year and you'll have the opportunity to sample five Port wines, including the much awarded Sandeman Vau Vintage. Another great pick of our choice for your wine tourism in Portugal.



The time is now to plan and book the dream time in a quiet yet vibrating place. Get the most out of the summer and yet give a special wine touch in your journey. If you fell now ready for this and more, see our 7-Day Porto and Douro tours. If you prefer, talk to us, let our Travel Consultants know what it will be the perfect experience in Portugal and request a free quote. 

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