What is Wine Tourism? And What type of Wine Traveler are You?

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Wine tourism is an amazing experience and if you have never been to a wine country, then you will be amazed by a winery, its number of bottles, barrels, the scents, the temperatures, and the vineyards that go on and on without sight. Wine and Winemaking has a long history, deeply connected to the story land and the people involved in its production, and who doesn’t love a story well told? Understanding wine, this secular beverage is more than a trend. Wine drinking is a common interest nowadays, as people tend to be more and more interested in the origin of food and beverages of choice. Wine is a serious business, and since 2016 there is even a United Nations body devoted to the growth and nourishing of Wine Tourism:  UNWTO-United Nations Wine Tourism Organization.


A wine traveler isn’t just a regular traveler. A wine tourist might not be a wine enthusiast, and a wine enthusiast is not just a normal wine lover. Forbes states it clearly; there are different types of Wine Tourism. Although one thing is certain, wine bonds them all. Whether you are taking part in the harvest or attending a wine tasting, you are in the position to take home incredible memories and to meet friends for life. So, what type of wine traveler are you?  Tell me how you drink your wine, I’ll tell you what type of Wine travel suits you best...


The Wine Geek


The name says it all. These types of travelers are wine savvy, connoisseurs, specialists, and all in between. These travelers seek wine knowledge and true wine experiences, and many know the wine game and sometimes define its rules. They usually choose their destination considering the wineries, the varieties, and the wine world, after all, everything in their trip revolves around wine. They also seek private tours with plenty of room for a deep warm conversation with the owner of the winery or the agricultural engineer. The wines of the wine tastings must be premium selection, have also to be bold, distinctive in character, and many times they are part of their bucket list. That's why in the end, and after researching the shipping conditions this traveler knows for carrying the preferred wine back home and sometimes with its own wine bags to pack the most precious findings.

Moreover, there are also a few reminders like the commented tastings with all the technical wine terminology in which a 1-day wine tour would never be enough to satisfy the wine geek inside. How about a 7-day wine tour? Have you visited the best wineries in Douro Valley? Sure, it is worth a trip to Portugal, since the winemaking tradition goes back then to Roman times, and some of the grape varieties cultivated nowadays are still endogenous. This makes some of the Portuguese wine like none other that you have tasted before. Read more about Wine and other secrets on our previous blog post and get to know the best wine tours in Porto and the best wineries in Douro Valley on this article. 

1-Day wine tour


Choose here the selection of the tours of half and one day more suitable for you. 

7-Day Premium Tour in Porto and Douro

david-magalhaes-Dn389m_qS-U-unsplash (2)-1

A premium tour in the most famous wine region of the world. This tour was designed for the most demanding and exclusive of the clients. A 7-day journey that will never cease to amaze you every step of the way.


The Gastro-Tourist


For this type of traveler, everything revolves around food, particularly delicious food, plus wine. In fact, the perfect vacations are when wine and food pairings happen at the same time in the same place, no matter where in the world. This traveler chooses the next traveling location instructed by their gastronomic friends. Cheese, wine, and fresh bread are by tradition a quintessential part of our tables all year round, while fresh vegetables and fruit grows are another amazing essential. In addition, even the finest restaurants have their own vegetable garden from where ingredients are picked every day to be part of the daily-defined menu. Furthermore, it is possible to join a cooking workshop, mastered by a renowned chef and take home some of the most renowned Portuguese recipes, this is a great experience since the Gastro-tourist seeks the finest wine and food experiences, both the Michelin Star fine dine experience and the typical traditional flavors. This traveler packs some traditional delicacies and wine to share with family and friends while dining in their own living room back home. Check out this 3-day wine tour with a cooking workshop and private river cruise, book here.

3-Day Tour in the Douro with a Cruise in the Douro River

dim-hou-o1STbm8P_IY-unsplash (2)-1

This is the ultimate, utmost activity for expert Wine enthusiasts. A 3-day stay in a Wine Hotel at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A private sailboat cruise. A guided visit through some of the most famous wineries and wine estates of the iconic region.


The Casual Wine Tourist


This traveler loves to sip wherever the travel may take them to. When in need of some rest, they prefer to look for an incredible wine bar. Plus, while in Portugal, a must-go should be a visit to the Port Wine Cellars, since this would be a fantastic travel staple in their wine passport. Moreover, the casual wine tourist visits restaurants, attend wine festivals, look for comfortable places for some great food and delicious wine as part of the journey. Might or might not take a bottle home, as happiness is to be on the spot enjoying the moment.

Did you know that?


Portuguese food identity is mainly Mediterranean food. Codfish could be our national dish if we really could choose just one. This fish, which we don’t have in our sea territory, is prepared in 1001 ways plus so many more. Amazing isn't it?

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