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It is time to deliver the winery experience to your door. Wine home delivery with private online wine tasting experience commented live by the experts. The experience is online, live streaming with the wine experts that will guide you through the wine tasting. The wines are awarded and some of the most appreciated in the world and will be delivered to you at your home.


We tighten the partnership with the most renowned Portuguese Quintas, the wineries, to deliver wine to the comfort of your home. Yes, wine home delivery… but that’s more than just wine at home.

Exclusive online tastings – private live stream

The experience is online, live streaming with the wine experts that will guide you through the wine tasting, history, and all the secrets and details you never thought you would hear about. The wines available for tasting are awarded and some of the most appreciated in the world.

Growing in popularity the indigenous varietals of grapes that origin the most typical Portuguese wines are in itself a whole new world of experiences for your palate, although bold and particular in Portugal you will also find consensual wines and blends that will make you fall in love with the Portuguese wines.

You heard about the Muscats, the fresh Vinho Verde, the ultra-famous Port Wine, yes, the awards keep on coming so you should taste them yourself, nowadays in the comfort of your home. 

This is the ultimate private tasting experience, where the wine specialists will guide you through their wines at your pace, at your place.

Wine specialists will guide you in a complete sensorial experience through the wine region, the winery's history, and in Portugal are located some of the oldest wineries in the world, has Douro wine region is the oldest wine demarcated region in the world.

Get to know the winemaking process, as deep or as light, as you wish, discover the wine lingo and tasting techniques, and ask all the questions that you never dared to ask but always wanted to know the answer.  

Understand the wine tasting materials and most of all indulge in their wines at the comfort of your home.

Taste the awarded wines of renowned wineries in the comfort and privacy of your home. That is as easy as choosing your tasting at the website and book your live stream, wines will be delivered to your home. Enjoy the private commented tasting with the wine experts of that particular winery.


Explore all online tasting available

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Quinta Nova is one of the most emblematic wineries in Douro Valley and the leading award-winning wine tourism site in Portugal.
Considered an exceptional place to stay, both by visitors and tourism media and organizations all over the world, Quinta Nova was highly awarded in the past years and is a magical place to relax and return year after year.

This online tasting will bring the fresh air of Douro Valley into your home.
The mood will be set with the content Quinta Nova created just for this experience, the movie sent to you will make you dream about the golden hue of Douro Valley. Get to know the history and three of the most iconic wines, the true labor of love of Quinta Nova.
Imagine yourself strolling the vineyards, looking into the peaceful Douro River, and open your wines and taste it with the tips from those who really know the wines.
The exceptional terroir of Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo is represented in this tasting and you will be guided through the materials and the whole tasting experience. Embrace a journey through traditional Portuguese wines. Available both in English and Portuguese. Book here

Online Tasting Experiences are delighting our clients just yet: 

“The online tasting experience with Wine Tourism in Portugal and Quinta Nova was fantastic. It exceeded all my expectations. It was a delight to receive excellent wines and some pleasant surprises at home. Susana Pinho, Quinta Nova’s wine expert, was incredible and we did learn from all her knowledge. All the timings were perfect. We are certainly do it again, and gather some friends to discover new wines together. “ – José Pedro Barros

Discover what a tour to Douro Valley feels like. 


Herdade do Sobroso 

Herdade do Sobroso is a magnificent place to visit and to stay and enjoy the whole Alentejo soul. The Herdade has it all, hotel, winery, vineyards, one can never be bored in Herdade do Sobroso. It is located in Alentejo, near the biggest artificial lake in Europe, Barragem do Alqueva. The fauna and flora here is rich and bring nature into the whole experience of exploring the Herdade do Sobroso.

The Online Tasting experience will take you to tour the Herdade live in a video-guided private wine tasting led by the Winemaker at Herdade do Sobroso. He will guide you at your pace, answering all the questions you might have and guiding you through the tasting materials.
The wines delivered to your home are intense and elegant, of great aromatic complexity and natural freshness, the wines of Herdade do Sobroso results from respect for Nature and the unique Terroir of the vineyard next to the Guadiana River in the DOC Vidigueira region, with more than 2,000 years of history and tradition.

As a plus, the online tasting includes a voucher for a wine tasting in loco in the future.

For now wine delivery is only available in Portugal, available for booking, here.

Discover what a tour to Alentejo feels like. 

Herdade_do_Sobroso_01 - cópia 2

Quinta de São Luiz 

Quinta de São Luiz is located in a privileged place at Cima Corgo in Douro Valley. The views from the Quinta to the Douro River are just breathtaking and it deserves your visit anytime soon. For now, we must tell you can still visit this amazing place. How? Booking your private online visit.

The virtual visit to Quinta de São Luiz starts with Quinta's history, as well as the history of Kopke - the brand with which it is closely associated.

This Quinta is a delight, plenty of vineyards and fruit trees, a chapel in the heart of the Quinta, the Casa do Alambique where you will understand the procedures and how it all works in the winemaking process.
During your online tour, a stop will be made next to the vineyard so that you can admire the way of planting, and get to know the different grape varieties used for the production of these excellent wines.
The host will take you the Chapel and to discover the stainless steel vats and wooden casks, as well as the Adega-Boutique and explain the process of producing still wines and the difference between still wines and Port wines.

In the end, you will be enjoying a wine tasting conducted by the host and during the visit there will always be room for all of your questions.
We are certain that it will be a unique and unforgettable experience this online visit and live commented tasting with the wine experts of Quinta de São Luiz. Book Here

Quinta de S. Luiz

It's easy to book your online tasting

On our website, you will find all the experiences available. A curated selection of the finest Portuguese winery experience and the most desired wines.

The tasting experience was carefully planned by experts to maximize your tasting experience according to your wine knowledge. Allow the wines to seduce you and to make you dream about visiting Portugal soon. Portugal is a country that can’t cease to delight wine lovers from all over the world, full of flavors, art and a perfect mix of a modern feel to its long history and traditions.

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