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Wine & Architecture - The Most Modern Wineries in Portugal

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 11-Nov-2015 11:15:00

When it comes to wine tasting you will have to agree with this: the whole experience includes much more than the tasting itself, right? Otherwise it would be like tasting wine at home. The surroundings, the history of the wine, the people we are with, the architecture of the winery... all of these factors play an important role in the feeling that you get from the experience and how you will remember it later.

Even though Portugal has the oldest demarcated wine region in the world and has been producing and exporting wine for centuries, there are a few wineries and producers who, besides the undeniable quality of their wines, also invested in designing and creating modern wineries of great architectural value.

For the wine and architecture enthusiasts, here are a few examples of the most modern and beautifully designed wineries in Portugal.

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Herdade dos Grous - An Insider's View

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 27-Oct-2015 13:45:00

The Herdade dos Grous is a wine estate made of picturesque whitewashed and blue villages in the heart of Alentejo, set idyllically among vineyards, olive groves and cork oaks. At its heart is the dam of Herdade dos Grous, with a size of 98 hectares, making the whole property an astonishing 793 hectare estate.

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herdade dos grous, wine in alentejo, wine tours in alentejo, wine estate in alentejo, wine tasting in alentejo, herdade dos grous wines

Wine Tourism in Portugal talked to Aurélio Picareta, Director at Herdade dos Grous that told us that the project was born of the will to continue to develop a brand, especially in an international market, focusing on the prestige of a different product: their wines.

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Congratulations Portuguese Wines - Great Awards and Distinctions

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 21-Oct-2015 13:44:00

It's no news that Portuguese wines are being more and more recognized world-wide, arousing curiosity from both wine lovers or enthusiasts as well as experts.

This week, there are two Portuguese wine brands in the limelight: Quinta da Pacheca and Quinta do Vallado!

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Adega Mãe - One of the Best Wineries Near Lisbon

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 20-Oct-2015 11:16:00

Just a few minutes from Lisbon, there is Adega Mãe, a modern winery born of an old passion that has always existed within the Riberalves Group: the wine. The Group, recognized by the trade and processing of codfish, is now also in the wine business after the purchase of a 40 hectares property in Torres Vedras, 35 hectares of which covered in vineyards, where both reds and whites are cultivated.  

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The Top Trendiest Places to Stay and Eat During Fashion Week in Lisbon

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 05-Oct-2015 16:44:00

Late September and the beginning of October is the time where the fashion world is at its best: it's the fashion month, where Spring/Summer collections for the following year are showcased to the world. 

The Fashion Week in Lisbon takes place on the 9th - 11th October, so what time better than this to suggest you some of the hottest, trendiest places in Lisbon? 

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5 Restaurants for a Michelin Star Meal in Portugal

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 18-Sep-2015 12:00:00

Portugal is mostly known for its beaches, mild weather and excellent wines. But nowadays, Portuguese cuisine is becoming one of the main reasons thousands of tourists travel to Portugal. With a great variety and diversity from region to region, Portuguese food is great both in meat, mostly inland, and fresh fish, by the sea.


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