Wine Tourism in Portugal has Teamed Up With Marcelo Copello, Brazil's Most Influential Wine Journalist

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 26-Nov-2015 15:51:41

Marcelo Copello is the main wine opinion maker in Brazil, with a renowned international career and elected as the most influential wine journalist in Brazil by the magazine Meininger's Wine Business International.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of an award-winning career, Marcelo Copello and Wine Tourism in Portugal have developed a partnership in order to promote the wine tourism in Portugal.


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Best Restaurants in Porto - Book, a Review By Nelson Carvalheiro

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 24-Nov-2015 12:05:21

On the last day of my tour in Douro, before I drive to the airport, I was lucky enough to be able to seat for lunch at Book Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Porto, right in Porto's city centre, near all the city's main attractions.

The Book Restaurant is located is on Aviz Street, in downtown Porto, in the space that for decades housed the Aviz bookstore. The Book restaurant is intended as a "living room for friends and customers" served by a dedicated staff, where good food is always present. Chef John Mendes created a menu inspired by creativity over traditional Portuguese cuisine.

book restaurant, best restaurants in porto, restaurants in porto's city centre, restaurants in porto downtown

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Business Trip in Portugal - How to Plan a Corporate Event

Posted by Mariana Pinto on 20-Nov-2015 13:46:00

Planning a corporate travel or a business event is not an easy task. We want our company to please our guests and want to choose the best place in the world to deliver that important information and hold that fair when we will showcase our latest products or services.

Here are a few suggestions of the best ways to plan a corporate trip in Portugal that your clients or guests will remember.

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Porto Will Host Next Great Wine Capitals' Event in 2016

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 17-Nov-2015 11:10:00

Porto was chosen to host the next Great Wine Capital's Event between 5th and 11th November 2016!

For 2016, the event's theme will be Wine and Nature, and will bring to Porto the best of wine tourism worldwide. The announcement was made at this year's event held in Bilbao, after the event that established the winners of the "Best of Wine Tourism 2016 " international awards.

In this year's edition, Porto represented the wines from Douro, Porto and Vinho Verde, and Portugal won several awards in the wine tourism category.


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5 Portuguese Wines on Wine Spectator's Top 100 2015

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 16-Nov-2015 18:00:38

Every year, around mid November, we wait with expectation for the Wine Spectator Wines of The Year and its famous Top 100 list.

Only the best wines of the World are featured on this list and this year there are five Portuguese wines on Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines of 2015. Check which Portuguese wines are featured on the list.

wine spectator 2015, top 100 2015, best wines of the world, top 100 wines of the world, best portuguese wines

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Serenada Enoturismo - The Perfect Wine Retreat

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 13-Nov-2015 11:35:51

Set on the Atlantic slope of Serra de Grândola and only ten kilometres away from the sea, Serenada Enoturismo is a small housing unit where comfort and sophistication live together with tradition and rusticity.

It belongs to the same family since the 17th century, according to a will dated of 1686. The estate offers an amazing panoramic view of the Arrábida mountains, huge pine woods and cork oak forests extending to the horizon.

Wine Tourism in Portugal has interviewed Jacinta Sobral, the owner of Serenada Enoturismo, in order to learn more about this wine producing estate in one of the best (and off the beaten path) wine regions in Portugal: Península de Setúbal.

best wine hotels in portugal, boutique hotel in alentejo, country hotel in alentejo, serenada enoturismo, portuguese wine regions, península de setúbal, tour in portugal

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Wine & Architecture - The Most Modern Wineries in Portugal

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 11-Nov-2015 11:15:00

When it comes to wine tasting you will have to agree with this: the whole experience includes much more than the tasting itself, right? Otherwise it would be like tasting wine at home. The surroundings, the history of the wine, the people we are with, the architecture of the winery... all of these factors play an important role in the feeling that you get from the experience and how you will remember it later.

Even though Portugal has the oldest demarcated wine region in the world and has been producing and exporting wine for centuries, there are a few wineries and producers who, besides the undeniable quality of their wines, also invested in designing and creating modern wineries of great architectural value.

For the wine and architecture enthusiasts, here are a few examples of the most modern and beautifully designed wineries in Portugal.

adega_mayor, wineries in portugal, most modern wineries in portugal, best wine tours in portugal, best wineries in Portugal

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Porto and Port Wine Tours Contest Winner!

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 09-Nov-2015 17:28:00

Wine Tourism in Portugal Porto and Port Wine Cellars has just ended and now it is time to announce the winner of a Free Stay at one of the best Hotels in Porto's city centre and two guided tours to world-renowned Port Wine cellars.

The winner is: Kevin Ebbs, from Dublin. 

UPDATE: Since the first winner told Wine Tourism in Portugal that he wouldn't be able to come to Portugal and enjoy the prize, a second winner was randomly selected.

The second winner is Laura Hadland, from Leicester. Congratulations Laura!


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The Yeatman - An Experience by Nelson Carvalheiro

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 06-Nov-2015 11:10:00

Last month, I was privileged to visit The Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia, near all the Port Wine Cellars. The Yeatman is arguably the best wine hotel in the world, a luxury haven for good food, good wines and the best views of Porto.

It is one of those places where everything works out as planned, where you can see that every little detail in the hotel’s operation was thought in the planning stage. As an ex-hotelier, I can tell you that this makes a huge difference in the way you experience the Yeatman hotel as a guest.

yeatman, amll luxury hotels of the world, best wine hotels in portugal, luxury hotel in porto, best hotels in porto, port wine cellars

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