4 reasons to go on a wine tour experience

Posted by: Pedro Barbosa

Post Date 03-Mar-2020 13:30:00

Wineries, cellars, the countryside! Some holidays are greater than others, Morrissey would say. A Wine Tour Experience is a relaxing adventure that you should do at least once in your life. Find out why.


1. Wine Tours are different

Paris. London. New York. Great, diverse cities, but somehow you feel the same way regardless. Sure, there are loads of things to do, hence the crowds. They are famous for a reason, right?
The reason might not be valid for everyone, though. The most visited cities and experiences are also the most standard ones. There is nothing wrong with that, as there is nothing wrong with the Beatles or McDonald's. Standard is reliable, competent. Yet standard is not different, nor exclusive. Said that, maybe Portugal is the destination for you in 2020. Here is why... 
Exclusive people won't follow the norm. They don't savor regular experiences. Exclusive people seek exclusive experiences. Visiting a winery is a distinctive and remarkable experience. No winery is like another, and no wine tastes the same. Wine tours are different, indeed.

2. Escape from the crowd

Wineries and wine tours are a getaway from crowds and big groups. Trips in wine countries are usually made by car, going through picturesque, unobstructed roads.
Unlike a museum on peak time, you can enjoy a winery at your own pace, let it grow on you, fall in love with it. Indulge in wine tasting experiences, take part on a river cruise over a wine valley or rest under an old vineyard. Your vacations, your pace, your happiness.
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3. A stress-free experience

Vacations are often riddled with stress, fixed schedules, crowds. Wine tours are not. The greatest features of the countryside living, combined with an unusual, sensory experience around wine tasting...
Nothing beats a tailor-made experience. Stress emerges out of doing activities under others' rules or time. Private, personalized experiences are stress-free because they're made for you and you alone.

4. The favorite experience of the greats

Some of the greatest writers and thinkers of all-time were winery-lovers. John Steinbeck's best romances were on and about vineyards, wine regions, and drinking experiences. Hemingway went as far as saying that wine "offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing." William Faulkner often said the wine was his privileged muse.
All of them were Nobels and known for their highly sensory way of telling stories. One can argue that it comes with talent, sure. But it also comes with the pure enjoyment of experiences as remarkable as these.
If you're looking forward to having such an experience, take a look at some of the options we have available for you.
If you want to learn more about wine, take a look at our Wine Myths Debunked post.
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Pedro Barbosa

Written by: Pedro Barbosa

Born and bred in the city that also brought us the Port Wine, Pedro would always eventually end up talking about wine tours, cellars, and exclusive experiences. A Kerouac fan, for Pedro it's always about the journey, not the destination.

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