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Península de Setúbal

Portugal's coastline is renowned for its natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and inviting beaches, making it an ideal destination for beach vacations. The...

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We are spoiled for choice when it comes to attractions and sites in Lisbon. But it's also easy to visit some pretty amazing places outsidethe city. Hop aboard...

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The Peninsula of Setúbal acquired great prestige and importance in the last decades of the twentieth century and is one of the most beautiful regions in...

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Last week we started an article where we elected the Best Hotels in Portugal by wine region. This selection purpose is to help you when the time comes to...

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Península de Setúbal is a wine region in Portugal that has become a prime tourism destination in the last decades, mainly because of the protected National...

Topics: Wine Tours, Península de Setúbal

Set on the Atlantic slope of Serra de Grândola and only ten kilometres away from the sea, Serenada Enoturismo is a small housing unit where comfort and...

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