Winter Gems: Sensational Portuguese Shorelines

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A visit to the Portuguese shorelines is something that is worth doing during your stay in this marvelous country, especially during the wintertime. After all, the sun is lesser-visited in the seaside towns and is a great opportunity to explore the off-the-beaten-track beaches, while enjoying wine and food tours in the city break destinations like Lisbon and Porto.

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Sagres - Algarve

Cabo Sao Vicente Lighthouse, Sagres, Portugal (Shutterstock)

At the extreme west of the beautiful Algarve lies a very stunning end-of-the-world hideaway, in which many locals go misty-eyed at the mere mention of its name and also as a fantastic and very unique scape. The Cabo Sao Vicente Lighthouse stands atop the rugged cliffs,  looking out from Europe’s most south-western corner, where the great Portuguese explorers once set sail.  Besides, visiting this fantastic shoreline, you can pair this exploration with an amazing wine tour in the region of Algarve, which will be filled with unique gastronomic moments and also unveiling the history and architecture of Silves.


Costa Vicentina - Algarve


Another beautiful shoreline also in Algarve, but at the north. This vibrant and idyllic stretch of coastline is still something of a secret outside Portugal, many tourists don't know about this place and its incredible sunsets. Furthermore, and as written above, while discovering the sunny Algarve, enjoy and savor the little hidden gems through one of these amazing wine and food tours.


Cascais - Lisboa


The town of Cascais has two very distinct shorelines, one is calm in which you find very tranquil beaches and the other is in the north that offers wilder beaches due to the proximity to the Serra de Sintra. Moreover, Lisbon is a fantastic wine region, is where you will find a huge prominence of the "vinho regional" "vinho regional" and which is composed of nine DOC (stands for Denomination of Controlled Origin). Besides, it has also incredible wineries and estates that are really worth visiting while discovering the city of Lisbon and the town of Cascais.


Setubal - Lisboa

Beach in Setubal

As you continually discover Lisbon, this renowned city break destination, go just south of the capital to the nearby little peninsula of Setubal. There you will learn that this a favorite of Lisbon residents looking to escape the city, since it is filled with innumerous beaches along the shoreline, and fantastic food, especially the seafood that will beat the capital hands down. But not's let forget about the wine! The wines of the Península de Setúbal region are recognized worldwide, in which its most predominant wine is the sweet and delicious Muscat. 

Costa Verde - Porto

A beach near Porto, Portugal (Shutterstock)

Porto is the ideal city base for exploring the stretch of lush coastline that runs up to the north until Viana does Castelo. This very historic and vibrant city has shown in recent years has shown that it offers much more than the famous port wine houses that line the banks of the Douro River. It also is essential to join to your list to explore the UNESCO-listed Ribeira district and swathes of museums, then point north, past small towns and sandy beaches, to the old cobbled streets and satellite villages of Viana do Castelo. But start to adventure yourself in this city before going up through the north shorelines. And why not begin with an incredible wine and food tour to learn deeper the essence of this city?

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