Fall Getaway in Portugal

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All seasons have their romantic or charming side and the fall isn't an exception. This is the favorite season for many travellers who choose the fall to book their vacations or a quick weekend getaway.

Fall Getaways in Portugal

Spring brings the colourful flowers and the first meals in the terrace, Summer means a cold glass of white wine in our hand in a warm night, Winter means the coziness of a blanket or a glass of red by the fireplace. What about the fall? Portugal, for example, is a country characterized by a warm temperate mediterranean climate and the fall in this country can be considered the perfect season for spending vacations or for a shorter off-season getaway.

It is said that in Portugal, the summer never really ends and someone who chooses the fall to visit the country will quickly verify this statement. During this season, the weather is still warm and mostly dry, the colours are amazing and you can enjoy not only the company of a white wine during the day, paired with the great Portuguese flavous, but also share a glass of red in the evening, in a comfortable hotel room or in one of the best restaurants in Portugal.

Tranquility in Alentejo with a Sky View 

The Alentejo sky is known for being so clear that the stars seem to be brighter than in other place in Portugal. At L'AND Vineyards you can enjoy the starry sky of Alentejo even from the comfortable bed of your Sky View Room, a 120m2 suite consisting of bedroom with living room, private patio with pool and a terrace with fireplace. In this suite, you can clear away the ceiling and sleep under the sky of Alentejo. When you wake up, check the vinotherapy Caudalíe Spa and spend a great Autumn day getting a relaxation or detox treatment.

Fall Getaways in Portugal - Land Vineyards

Port Wine Tasting with Breathtaking Sunsets

Porto was elected the best European destination 2017 and its a great city to visit any time of the year, but during the Fall you don't have the hot Summer afternoons neither the cold Winter nights, making it a perfect time to wander through the typical streets of downtown Porto and enjoy a glass of Port wine in the evening. In Porto you can stay at several high rated hotels, such as the Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira, or InterContinental Porto - Palácio das Cardosas, or even the Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel, all located in the city's heart and very close to the characteristic Ribeira neighbourhood, where you can cross the bridge and visit the Port wine cellars on Vila Nova de Gaia riverside, with a fantastic view to downtown Porto. There is also the option to stay at the fantastic Yeatman hotel, located in the same riverside as the wine cellars which provides an absolutly stunning view over Porto.

If you book your tour to the Port wine cellars late in the afternoon, you'll be able to enjoy a Port wine glass while enjoying one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world, guarateed!

Fall Getaways in Portugal - The Yeatman Hotel

Douro River Cruise with a View to the Harvest

The Douro region is a one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world and a must-do in Portugal any time of the year. But during the fall, the slopes turn to a spectacular painting of autumn colors filled with gold and reds while the vineyards are filled with visitors working in the wine harvest and taking part in the production of new Douro wines, making it the perfect time of the year to visit the world's oldest demarcated wine region. This is truly the perfect time to take a cruise up the Douro river

Fall Getaways in Portugal - Douro River Cruise

Lisbon's Historic Centre and Portuguese Wine Tasting

Lisbon is also one of the best travel destinations right now and the fall might be the perfect time period for a city break. Spread across seven steep hills overviewing the Tejo, Lisbon offers all the main attractions everyone expects of a capital city: great monuments, antique and modern art museums, trendy restaurants and bars and great shopping opportunities. The city centre is cozy, lively and full of activities, inviting for a walk and a stop for a glass of wine at some of the trendy wine bars you can find a bit all over city, where you can taste different Portuguese wines.

Fall Getaways in Portugal - Lisbon Suset

Discover the Palaces in Bairrada Region

Portugal benefits from a rich architectural heritage and that can be seen a bit all through the country by the several castles and palaces that survived through the centuries. Bairrada is a region well-known for its great wines and food, and also for its antique palaces turned into luxury hotels. Two major examples are Bussaco Palace Hotel, located in Serra do Bussaco and built in 1885 for the last kings of Portugal, and Curia Palace Hotel, a grandiose palace from 1926. They both have beautiful gardens and high quality restaurants with selected wine lists, perfect for a fall lunch or dinner, after a culturally rich walk in the palace's gardens.

Fall Getaways in Portugal - Bussaco Palace

Ready to book your fall getaway in Portugal? 

Fall Getaway Portugal


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