The Top 3 Safest Destinations in Portugal Amid Coronavirus Crisis

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Feeling safe while visiting a new country is an absolute priority for every traveler. So researching the safest travel destinations, like Portugal, before you book your trip is the best way to keep your concerns at the bay.

Luxury travelers are always craving for authentic and over the top experiences that will turn in memorable memories for them and their friends and family. In Portugal, you can visit, in private if you prefer, premium wineries that are world-renowned and highly awarded, enhance your palate with the richness of the Portuguese gastronomy, consider one of the best in the world, explore and elevate your knowledge of cultural heritage and history to the next level, and beyond.

These are some characteristics that distinguish Portugal as one of the best countries to visit, also it is located in the westernmost point of Europe, next to the Atlantic making it a place to enjoy nature at her best, the fantastic climate, and gold beaches.

Moreover, the good news is, that Portugal remains one of the most safest and peaceful countries in Europe, and while the world is still fighting the coronavirus crisis, there are some destinations in the country that are safe. So, let's discover the top three destinations of this formidable country. 


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Douro Valley


Photo credits: Six Senses Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is one of the best wine destinations in Europe and its landscapes offer such beauty and magic that it is understandable to be referred to as the enchanted valley

The region offers breathtaking views regardless of the time of the year, but there is a time period that every traveler should witness for themselves, which is the Harvest Season. During the season, the vineyards are ready to crop and the colors are just splendid, you can feel the scent of the grapes in the air, and the vineyards have that special magnetism. So this being said, book and experience the Douro Valley at it is best, in order to enjoy a quiet moment in mild sunny weather, surrounded by nature and unique wines. If you still didn't think about the accommodation, why not stay at the Six Senses Douro Valley? It's the perfect choice to savor the Douro at it's best.




Photo credits: Herdade do Sobroso

Alentejo is one of the most beautiful and charming regions in the world and it should be in everyone's bucket list, since it's breathtaking. The northern, interior portion of the region, has excellent wineries, Évora city, which is considered, UNESCO World Heritage has really distinctive museums and buildings, and also distinctive rustic gastronomy. There are a number of intimate rural hotels, including L’AND Vineyards, where you can choose between suites, villas, and retreats. But if you prefer a glamourous hotel experience, there’s the Alentejo Marmóris, in Vila Viçosa (home to an impressive palace), which has an alluring fine-dining restaurant.

If you prefer guaranteed solitude amid sublime nature, then you need to choose the southwestern part of the Alentejo, that benefits from the protections along its coastline, which is a natural park. Here, and for some experiences in the middle of nature, Herdade do Sobroso is a fantastic place to stay and relax.



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Photo credits: Vila Vita Parc

Portugal’s southern region is a European paradise full of history and modern luxuries. Algarve is peaceful but at the same time an energizing place to visit. This popular destination of Portugal offers hours and hours of sunshine per year, an amazing coast, golden beaches, scalloped bays, sandy islands, and great cuisine mainly based on seafood. If you want to appreciate all of this and much more, but in private and in safety, why not try Vila Vita Parc? You won't regret it.

Taking into consideration some of these factors, the only thing left to say is that Algarve, is the perfect holiday destination all year round.


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