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I have got to be honest with you, I am writing this blog post drinking a glass of some fine fresh delightful vinho verde, and about it I am just going to...

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By Marcelo Copello On March 15, 2016

Portos Raros em Prova

“Bordeaux é uma bebida para rapazes e o Vinho do Porto para homens

- Samuel Johson (literato inglês, século  XVIII)

Há muitos anos escrevi que as duas mais...

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In the week we celebrated the International Women Day, when everyone is talking about the female role in the society and its evolution, it is interesting to...

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If you are thinking about booking your spring time holidays... think Portugal!

We know that Easter, nowadays is mostly about family quality time, with the...

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No mundo de hoje, felizmente as coisas mudam de um dia para o outro, quando as pessoas se sentem lesadas e demonstram publicamente o seu desagrado com...

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Graças à retoma de um imposto de retenção na fonte inconveniente à taxa de 25 % que vem acrescentar um custo aos valores pagos, creditados, entregues,...

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